Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

A new 1920s dress

Hej hej! You know I love 20s dresses. It's my passion. Well, I made a new one, which I wanna show you today. It's made after the same pattern like the Evening Dress 1928/29 
Since I've made this for Hojriis I planed to sew one for me....and here it is. It's made of a very soft javanaise in creme and black and embroidered with some little black pearls. The seams don't look as nice as they can, but after ironing it looks much better. Yes, shame on me...I didn't ironed it before taking the photos...I'm so much lazy in that...

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

A Turquoise Robe de Style

My dears, this year I will celebrate my 40th birthday with a 20s party. You know I love this decade and when I was a young frollein I often gave 20s dinners and dance. So now it's time to remeber this fine years and to revive this tradition. I will invite a lot of my friends...everyone who is willing to admit this experiance and to wear the fashion of the era. You have to know, my friends don't share my passion for this time and no one have the right clothes, therefore I want to dress them least the ladies. I have a little stock of flapper dresses, but I fear I need more...well, what's to do? Sewing some new. Et voilà here's the first of the new dresses...a turquoise Robe de Style. The burn out velvet I bought round about 20 years ago and planed a 30s evening dress that time. I never found the time to sew it and now the fabric was welcome for my party project. I combined it with a little white chiffon and added some little silver glass beads and sequins...

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2016

Freitag, 18. November 2016

A Gift for Eva

Eva is a little girl and I needed a present for her birthday. I wanted to sew something for her but couldn't decide what I wanna make for this cute girl. After a long time of looking for an idea, I found a pic of fishy backpacks. At the moment I saw them, everything was clear...this is it! Here is my version. It took a little time to sew all the fish scales but it was worth it. I hope you like it...

Kind regards! Yours Minchen

Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

A 1920s Circus Costume

Hej hej! Some tine ago I told you about Hojriis Slot and the dresses I made for the muder mystery. This year's theme was the circus. Therefor I made some circus costumes. This is one of them. The pattern based upon a pattern for a fantasycostume and a pattern of a leotard - both original 1920s. The fabric i used was a vintage indian silk which I emroidered with silver sequins ans little glass beads. A ruff and a little hat completed the costume.

Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

Jacket "Theda"

Good evening! Do you remember...once I told you of the coats I made of vintage I wanna show you one of it..."Theda": the new modell for my label. The pattern based on a pattern for a coat with fur trimmings. I found it in a german fashion magazin of 1923. I shortened it and use a vintage brown cotton velvet instead of the fur. For the collar I ruffled the velvet, because I love this look.
And now...the pics...

Kind regards! Yours Minchen....

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

A Dress for a Housemaid

Hej hej...what a splendid day...the sun is shining and everything looks like spring...even the snowdrops are blooming...and that in the beginning of I'm crazy for gardening again...but I think it's a little too early and otherwise...I have a lot to do at the moment. I'm knitting and sewing for my label and at the moment I'm working a lot at the costumes for Hojriis Slot again...Vibeke found a great theme this year, what I really adore, but I tell you later of that. Today I wanna show you a Hojriis dress from last year. It's a  dress from around 1927/28. I'm not absolutely sure of the date...the pattern is packaged somewhere in a box...I'm moving from Berlin to the village at time and everything is chaos. Well, the dress is planned for a housemaid, that's why I've made it from black javanaise with a white collar. On the last pictures you can see it with the apron I made for the housemaids.On the last I want to say:'s bad ironed...but ok...I babbled take a look at the dress. Kisses, Minchen.