Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

A Turquoise Robe de Style

My dears, this year I will celebrate my 40th birthday with a 20s party. You know I love this decade and when I was a young frollein I often gave 20s dinners and dance. So now it's time to remeber this fine years and to revive this tradition. I will invite a lot of my friends...everyone who is willing to admit this experiance and to wear the fashion of the era. You have to know, my friends don't share my passion for this time and no one have the right clothes, therefore I want to dress them least the ladies. I have a little stock of flapper dresses, but I fear I need more...well, what's to do? Sewing some new. Et voilà here's the first of the new dresses...a turquoise Robe de Style. The burn out velvet I bought round about 20 years ago and planed a 30s evening dress that time. I never found the time to sew it and now the fabric was welcome for my party project. I combined it with a little white chiffon and added some little silver glass beads and sequins...

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